OVER 500 HD Channels

Over 1000 channels from all over the world! 100+ Spanish channels. Check out our channels list with our $1 trial.

Mobile Player

Use our convient mobile player on any device, even on your laptop or desktop computer.  Try our APK APP for any Android device or TV box.

Share with Family

Up to 5 Devices anywhere! Share with your family, it will work anywhere!. 

3 Day Trial

$ 1 3 Day
  • $1 to try our service for 3 days of all access use of our list of channels.


$ 25 for 2 Devices
  • Access to our service on 2 devices, all access use of our list of channels.


$ 30 for 3 Devices
  • Access to our service on 3 devices, all access use of our list of channels.


$ 35 for 4 Devices
  • Access to our service on 4 devices, all access use of our list of channels.


$ 40 for 5 Devices
  • Access to our service on 5 devices, all access use of our list of channels.

No questions asked, money back guarantee!
Just contact us via email or cancel your subscription
by logging into your account area and select to
cancel your subscription. 


No need to fret. Simply exit the app, then go to Settings on your box, phone, or tablet; Then go to Apps and select Kodi; Then clear cache and data for Kodi app, then click Open. If this does not fix the problem, then Uninstall Kodi app and reinstall the newest version.

Please make sure you do NOT have any of the following symbols in your password: # ; ` ~ } { [ ]

After the 3 day trial pass, it's $20 per month when purchasing the subscription. Each paid user can stream on five devices without additional charge. Prepay for 6 months or a year to save more!

If you have an internet connection, you can use it. We have 1200+ world wide stations, Italian, Spanish, French, and more. We have 12 servers hosting our streams all over the world to support our global community.

Simply go to the checkout page and login using your username and password. You can choose to continue your subscription or choose a different package.

Simply go to the checkout and choose the 3 day trial. Go through the checkout process and you will receive an activation email. Then you can login to the Kodi plugin with your email.

We accept all major credit and debit card as payment method.


Feel free to contact us with any questions


Email: support@digitalbubbletv.com

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Summery of Terms: We have a 30 day return policy on all of our subscriptions. We do not host any content and we do not stream any content. We are providing links from third party sources outside the United States. DBtv IPTV is not responsible for the content from any of the third party link providers, use of all third party links is the responsibility of the user. By subscribing to our service you will have access to our Android App for any Android Device 4.1 or higher, and you have access to our web portal that will link you to our curated list of streams. We cannot guarantee that all the streams in our list will be available at all times. We do our best to hunt down and link content as quickly as we can find it. There will be some down time on some streams.